At Corporate & Style, we do not compromise on quality, comfort and fit. We do all we can to help you make a statement rather than merely create a uniform. The multiple benefits we offer can be summed up under the following categories:

High-End Production

We use top quality fabric and material for all our products and are personally involved in the entire value chain till delivery. Our management works in a hands-on fashion and overlooks each order with equal interest.

Shopping Convenience

We cater to a variety of client requirements. Even if you require two pieces, we will ensure that both are delivered to you in time. There is no restriction limit on the number of pieces you require and no need to stock pieces. Our website is functional 24 hours a day enabling you to shop at any time convenient to you.

Garment Expertise

Our expertise comes from Europe’s finest uniform creation traditions. A lot of research goes into our design taking care of factors such as fabrics, comfort, style, quality and even after-care.

Business Benefits

Our uniforms have resulted in boosted employee morale, high production rates and better brand recall for our clients. Employees wearing Corporate & Style uniforms take pride in their jobs and companies, causing them to perform better and achieve improved results.

Value Added Services

We conduct professional employee grooming workshops for our clients to ensure they get the best out of their uniforms. Apart from how to wear their uniforms and take care of them, we also train them in overall personal grooming and care.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are eco-friendly and provide work only with those contractors who ensure appropriate working conditions for all workers above legal age of working.


At Corporate & Style, we know that the greatest design may look wonderful on paper but can destroy the look if the pattern, material and manufacture are not getting equal attention. Our items are classic and stylish as we put great care into developing patterns that move along with the people who wear them.


The Corporate & Style team is a meticulously chosen team of international designers, pattern makers, manufacturers and freelancers. Each member is the best in his or her area and in tune with the corporate values of the company.
We are a group of ambitious professionals specialising in quality assessment and garment design, prototype, and material selection.
Together, we aim to transfer our values and experience to enhance your business.
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