Style Your Uniform

Selecting the Right Uniform Style for Your Brand

Why not asking a uniform specialist to help to create your brand look? Our uniform collection is designed and crafted for all sorts of working environments. But exactly which look is right for you, your brand and your team? There are a few things to consider when selecting the right uniform.

  • What type of business are you?
  • What type of look are you after?
  • What are your brand colours?
  • What’s the interior like of your place?
  • What’s your team’s demographic?

Has the sight of your staff in ill-fitting, worn out uniforms tired your eyes? Feel that your staff does not know how to represent themselves in uniform attire while at work. Our Uniform Specialist service can help to give you the peace of mind that your staff know how to keep their appearance clean, smart and appropriate.

We give them tips and tricks on how to maintain their uniform while at work and help them to understand manners around wearing a uniform proudly while representing your brand.

Staff Grooming

You will never have to worry about your staff ever again!

Corporate & Style conducts professional employee grooming workshops for clients to ensure they get the best out of their uniforms. Apart from how to wear their uniforms and take care of them, we also train staff in overall personal grooming and care.

Our Uniform Specialist Service can be conducted on a 1 on 1 basis or for a group as an added service, accompanying the set of uniforms supplied by us. We offer tips and tricks to assist your employees to look their best at all times.

We also educate them on appropriate mannerisms and professional courtesy while boosting their confidence at the workplace.

Ask our Image Consultant NOW to discuss your styling possibilities.

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