You Are What You Wear

Role of Uniform in Business Success

‘You are what you wear’ makes a lot more sense when you realise that the uniforms your staff is wearing are really adding to your business.

We at Corporate & Style, will show you how this can be done…

There are many different opinions on the correct business wear in Singapore. Some organisations like to keep it casual for professional creativity to flow. Other companies need a more serious, formal outfit to maintain the appropriate image.

However, the value of a uniform can never be ignored.

Corporate & Style is an experienced Business Uniform company that has built its mission based on the important role a uniform plays in the success of a business.

When we say ‘uniform’, we don’t mean old, unfashionable outfits. Modern, stylish uniforms just like business suits can be comfortable, stunning and highly impressive. Plus they score one extra point in portraying an important quality – Dependability.

Role of Uniforms in Business Success

Here are some other proven ways in which our ready-to-wear uniforms can actually lead to success in your business:

“We trust you!”


Like mentioned earlier, a man or woman in a uniform naturally appears to be more trustworthy, reliable and dependable. This is because we all like and easily trust people in uniforms. When we are in trouble, we always turn towards security guards, policemen or even army personnel, who all wear uniforms.

Think about it – A business requirement or need does feel like a mild panic situation! Hence, when your potential client sees your team in uniforms, trust can develop almost instantly.

“That’s a good team!”


One of the main reasons that lead to success in business is A Common Goal among the team that works together. Corporate & Style can offer you a two-fold advantage in this regard. Internally, our ready-made uniforms binds a group well and eliminate differences in culture, age, gender or abilities. Also, it becomes easier for employees to work together in unison.

Secondly, the natural perception of others is of admiration towards a group wearing the same uniform. This is why people are more willing to partner with a group in a Corporate & Style uniform.

“Talk to me!”


In businesses such as luxury boutiques, spa and relaxation centres or even coffee shops, our uniform range opens up a dialogue with potential customers more easily. When your team members are wearing a stylish Corporate & Style uniform, it is easier for clients or customers to identify and address people from your team.

Our uniforms are also an effective brand recall tool that can associate your staff’s friendly or helpful behaviour with the uniform that they are wearing. This in turn forces employees who wear Corporate & Style uniforms to be more aware of their behaviour when they are dressed in them!

“They’re serious about their work”


Apart from trustworthiness and reliability, a uniform also indirectly portrays the aura of professionalism. Every client, vendor, or associate expects your employees to appear sincere and determined about the jobs they do. Wearing a uniform from Corporate & Style does more than half of the job in ensuring this.

Clients will be more willing to contact your company even if they see photographs on your website of your employees dressed in smart company uniform.

“Congratulations team! Our productivity is at an all-time high!”


When teamwork, dedication and morale are high, your productivity is bound to boost!

Corporate & Style clients have found that it helps their employees to separate their working side from their personal side. Donning casual wear automatically sets free the more fun, free spirited self. Likewise, a sharp uniform ensures that the individuals wearing them behave efficiently and effectively. This can easily lead to making your business a bigger success.