Singapore is known as a shopper’s paradise and every retail player, big or small, is a contributor to this. This also means that even if you are a big luxury store or a small boutique outlet, the market is competitive. And we understand this….
So how can you ensure that your customers keep coming back to your store? By creating an unforgettable visit for every customer that walks into your store.
In the retail sector, this experience is possible with the right staff and presentation. People prefer to deal with staff that is well dressed in a uniform. They should, of course, be courteous and warm as well. Often we have seen that employees in uniform tend to behave as expected.
So if you’re looking for uniforms for your retail staff, here are a few tips for choosing the right kind:

Evergreen Classics

When you’re investing in uniforms for all your employees, the last thing you need is to change them in the next season due to outdated fashion trends. It is therefore best to invest in classic uniform items such as buttoned shirts, formal jackets, skirts or tunics for ladies, and even high utility aprons.
Corporate & Style offers a range of uniform items of universal appeal. Our buttoned shirts are smart and versatile. We also offer polos and jackets for both genders and tunics for ladies. Our options in lowers include chino and trouser pants for men and women, ladies pencil skirts, ladies M skirts, and ladies crop pants. This gives you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of classic designs

Confidence Inspiring

Your employees can only make a positive impression on customers if they feel good about themselves. Smart attire can make any individual feel confident and self assured. Hence, when selecting a uniform for your staff, make sure you choose flattering styles and designs that suit all the individuals in your shop or outlet.
Corporate & Style uniforms are comfortable, well fitted and morale boosting.


Even within the retail industry, there are different sectors. You could be a florist, a clothes boutique, grocery store, a hardware shop or any other. Each outlet requires a uniform that suits the job. The uniform you choose therefore needs to be functional as well as being attractive.
If your employees are required to lift heavy boxes or handle machinery, they need comfortable tshirts, polos, pants and aprons from the Corporate & Style range for both genders. If your staff needs to be more presentable and service oriented, the ladies can wear skirts while the men can opt for casual chinos with buttoned shirts, all available at Corporate & Style.

Matching the Brand

The Corporate & Style collection of uniforms are available in neutral palettes that can match with your shop environment or brand colour. We can get your logo stitched onto each uniform for better brand recall. Building a brand is essential in establishing a regular client list in retail.
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