Singapore is filled with so many hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops! And if there’s one thing we like better than eating and catching up with friends, then that is relaxing in spas and therapy centres…
If you own a hotel, coffee shop or spa, your employees spend all day trying to make customers happy and comfortable. They also work in the back sections – preparing, stocking, and cleaning. For all these functions, a good hard working uniform from Corporate & Style is vital.
Here’s why an attractive and sensible uniform is necessary in these sectors. These pointers will also help you to pick the perfect hospitality uniform combinations for your staff:


Both hospitality and wellness are service oriented industries. Hence, looking good and presentable is very important. The Corporate & Style range of uniforms are crisp, appealing and professional looking. You can select from our stylish collection of formal pants and cargo pants for ladies and gents, buttoned shirts, skirts, t-shirts, ladies tunics and more. We offer apron styles that give a nice clinical look to the entire outfit. When your staff is well dressed, they feel confident. This comes across in positive ways to your customers.


The restaurant and relaxation business is hard work with long hours, even during the holidays. The uniforms of hospitality and wellness staff need to keep up with all those rough and tough activities. You therefore need to select uniform material that is comfortable but strong enough to take it. Corporate & Style use soft but solid fabrics with cotton and polyester blends that are flexible and durable. All our uniform items last long even after repeated washes and can withstand harsh weather conditions as well.


Establishing brand recall through staff uniforms works brilliantly in hospitality and wellness. Corporate & Style offer uniforms in soothing neutral colours which are ideal to show off your brand logo. Corporate & Style can help you select the right coloured uniform sets and get your logo design stitched onto each piece. In this way, you can make the outfit completely yours and one your customers identify with. Call us today to discuss your hospitality or wellness uniform requirements!