Things to consider when deciding on a uniform for your company

At Corporate & Style, we take on an advisory role for our clients. We educate business owners on the various aspects of company uniform selection and design.

A) Your Industry

The business sector in which you operate is one of the main considerations in appropriate uniform selection. For a more socially interactive business, Corporate & Style has a ready range of casual and fun options that your customers can identify with. For more formal businesses, we offer smart office wear combinations. Your business also decides the type of workplace your employees spend most of their time in. If a lot of them travel or move from house to house, this should be considered when you select their uniforms. Are they likely to be exposed to hot and humid weather or are they going to be in an air-conditioned office all day? Likewise, if your employees often interact with higher level officials, we will ensure that they are dressed for this job. Uniforms provided by Corporate & Style are made to support employees to do a better job.

B) Your Employee Profile

A professional uniform is not only about your customers, it’s also about your employees. Hence, at Corporate & Style, we advise clients based on staff details such as age group, demographics, sizes, gender etc. when choosing their uniforms. They help us to ensure that every member of your workforce is comfortable at work. Our styles are gender friendly. We have a range of smart jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, chino pants, buttoned shirts and t-shirts that can easily suit a variety of employees, and make them feel confident and productive.

C) Your Brand Image

At Corporate & Style, we also act as your brand advocates by building your brand image through a uniform. We ensure that your employees are looking as good as your brand. Our uniforms are available in a variety of shades to suit any work environment. You can even get the logo or a symbol of your brand printed or embroidered onto your uniforms. Contact us today to find out which available designs suit your team the best!