Image is very important in the corporate environment.
In fact, the clothes your employees wear to business meetings can make or break a valuable deal. A well stylised corporate uniform from Corporate & Style can help them to create a good first impression. It can also give your employees the motivation and energy to continue performing well throughout the day. Plus, your corporate uniform represents your company or brand.
Therefore, the selection of a corporate uniform should be done very carefully.
Here are a few basic aspects to address when selecting a Corporate & Style uniform for your corporate company:

Your Shirts and Jackets

Well tailored, buttoned shirts form the foundation of a good corporate uniform for both genders. We offer shirts for men and women, that can be worn under business uniform jackets or with rolled up sleeves for a more casual look.
Shirts work well for a variety of industries. They offer a natural air of professionalism and competency while being urban and modern, perfect for the Singaporean business culture.
Our jackets are comfortable and full of style. They also add the luxury of making a simple uniform look very professional. Corporate & Style jackets for men and women are tailored to allow movement and look great with simple t-shirts, buttoned shirts and polo shirts.

Your Overall Look

Corporate & Style gives you the option of selecting a particular look for your uniform. We will then provide options from our range based on this look, to suit individual preferences. Modern corporate uniforms need not be identical. While the basic fabric, colour and look could be the same, we offer room for individual expression.
You can choose different styles of pants and shirts. Some employers are more comfortable with these option as it offers flexibility and the ability to change the style rapidly. You also don’t need to stock uniforms as we deliver as many as you like, whenever you like.

Your Branding

The corporate uniform is a very effective way to build your brand. Every employee can contribute towards building your brand and promoting your logo wherever they go. You can place your logo or a symbol of your brand on the uniform.
Corporate & Style has numerous creative ways to infuse branding into your uniforms.

Your Employees’ Safety

Certain specialised jobs and activities such as working at clinics, operating outdoors or with heavy machinery require specific safety measures. You can include long pants, protective jackets or even aprons in the uniform that you choose from the Corporate & Style range. This will save your employees the trouble of arranging their own and you can be assured that your staff is comfortable and safe at all times on the job.
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